Sunday, 2 August 2015

Rio part 2 Ipanema Hippie Feira and other stuff


On our second day after a darn good sleep Ruth took us to a Hippie Market. This local market is a permanent market where locals can sell their goods. From what I understand they have to be licensed by the council and make the goods themselves to sell in this market. These are all the stalls:

This photo is from the markets website 

This photo is from the markets website

It was huge and there are loads of colourful vibrant stalls where you can buy so many quality items. Dave obviously got drawn in by the music stall and managed to come away with a bamboo saxophone and flute. This takes you straight to the stall holders info and more photos Some of the artists there did some amazing paintings and there were a few we fell in love with, but we had neither the money or room in cases to bring them back.

After the market we did the only polite thing possible to do and went to the beach and watched the world go by whilst having a few beers. We went to Botofogo beach which whilst looking lovely is not on that is good to swim in. So we just enjoyed te atmosphere.

After sinking a few obligatory beers we walked back to the kids house stopping for shopping  on route and saw a huge religious procession with people carrying a giant statue of Mary, was different.

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