Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Rio hols 2015, On our way!

Rio!! we finally made it.

View from Sugar Loaf mountain to Botofogo and Copacobana

So we went on a big adventure this month. A visit to our daughter and son in law to be in Rio de Janeiro! Where they are living for 2 years in the run up to and during the Olympics.  This was a nerve racking thing for us as the flights are very long and we had to take one flight to from Paris to New York then another to Rio soon afterwards. As anyone who knows us knows Dave and I are country folk by nature and international jet setters we are not. This was the first long haul flights for both of us and we were kind of nervous.

So after a kind lift from friends to Poitiers (1.30hrs away) then a train journey to Paris we finally made it to Orly Airport.

The flight to America was actually quite good, it was hosted by British Airways and we were lucky enough to have a tablet each to use with preloaded films and tv series to watch - which meant I finally got to watch Second Best ever Marigold Hotel without annoying Dave who opted for Terminator type films. So 9 hours later we touched down in New York to get ready for the next flight which was in 2 hours.

So after going through security to get into the country and waiting for 2 hours for the flight they announced that the flight was going to be cancelled (at the time we were due to leave!) due to problems with getting a pilot for the plane. Not a good start :( so after another hour or so of queueing  to see customer services to be told we weren't being given a hotel and then the airline changing their minds we finally managed to get a bit of shut eye and be ready to start the whole process again the next day.

Luckily day 2 went a fair bit better than day one and we finally managed to make it to Rio. Strangely enough the security at Rio was the tightest out of all the airports and we even had to have our hold baggage x rayed after we had collected it to leave the airport. But after 2 days travelling we had got there.

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