Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A working bathroom!! A first for this old house.

This old house has never had a indoor working bathroom, I have no idea what they used to do here before we moved here, I am guessing it was a bucket and chuck it system.

We for the last three years have been bathing in a makeshift room in the barn heating our water with a large tea urn and then adding cold to try and get it to temperature. It worked but it was blooming cold in the winter and not the most glamorous way of bathing. It  is amazing how much you miss simple things such as running hot water

But now we have a nice shiny new bathroom. We have been trying to get it all set up for a while now but we are both plumbing novices and needed to get a lot of information first so we could put it all together. It also costs a bomb to do, not just the big things but all the niggly joints, waste piping and knees. Yes I now know lots about grey piping, bends (knees) and how to make good joints (in the plumbing sense only!!) Plumbing is a bit like doing and an giant jigsaw puzzle with lots of piping and making up the puzzle design as you go along. I think we must have laid down miles of piping and used loads of ruban. After putting it all together and filling the sparkly new hot water tank for the first time we held our breath and......

There were a few leaks :(

Luckily not raging torrents but annoying drip drip drips.

Dave had spent ages tightening all the joints to a point that we couldn't tighten them any more. But it appears that the new joints expand under pressure / the hot water and pressure of the water had loosened them a teeny tiny bit.

So after going round every joint again and putting on yet more ruban and tightening them all back up. Then making one joint change (we think it was faulty) we crossed our fingers and toes and anything remotely crossable and tried again...

It worked, no drips, phew.

That cupboard at the back right of the photo is where the electrics come into the upstairs, we still need to cover this up and paint it.

This sink is made from a copper bowl we bought at Emmaus charity shop in Mauleon

I must say we are really pleased with it and now can get back to the never ever ending job of re-roofing the old collapsed barn, and no you can't hear joyous anticipation in my voice here.

So until next time....

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