Monday, 27 April 2015

Long time no blog, so what are we up to now?

Is it just us or is time flying by with speed? We haven't updated this for a while as we have been really busy, but also doing nothing really that interesting and we didn't want to put you all to sleep.

Since we wrote last I have found a job (yay!) it's only very part time but I have been lucky enough to pick up a lot of extra hours. I have been working (for the first time in my life) with kids helping in a before and after school club and educational club for kids as well as covering the cantine and serving the kids of and when needed.  It was really scary at first trying to learn new phrases and try and understand the kids (and the adults too if I'm honest). The kids are from 2.5 to 10 years old and it's amazing how when a young child cries they are impossible to understand, and I never realised how hard to is working kids. But as time has gone on I have got more confident and am actually starting to enjoy it. 

The cantine is a fun experience, we walk the kids from their school 2 by two, with the older kids holding the little ones hands and also holding onto a rope. So they make a cute little procession down the road. French kids don't have a choice of meals, they eat what they are given. And amazingly they eat 3 courses for lunch, (even the tiny ones) They sit at tables and are served by the cantine ladies, if they don't like something they are told they have to try it, as their taste buds can change (these are the rules). They never have junk food and eat what I consider to be good quality food, they can also ask for seconds for more if they want. They certainly learn how to be petites gourmandes from a young age here. This website gives a link to a blog where the blogger describes the cantine very well and also has a link to some menus. Interestingly the children also have what they call le goûter, which is a snack given in the after school club and usually is sweet. Often they literally get pain au chocolate, pieces of  chocolate on a slice of baguette! or fruit compote and yoghurt. Some french houses don't eat till very late so le goûter keeps the kids going until they eat.

In between working Dave and I have been continuing with the huge job of re-roofing the barn. In case you didn't know the barn roof fell in over 40 years ago and ended up have a tree growing out of the roof. It's taken a long time and with the horrible winter weather we couldn't really continue from October until after mid March when the weather started to improve a bit. The front half of the barn is nearly done with just a few lines of tiles needing to be put on and then the edging doing. I am hoping to get this done in the next 10 days or so as we are currently on school holidays here.

The chevrons have been left out for a while so we can cut a clean edge when we have finished,
and also as it makes it safer.
We haven't done the ridge or cemented the edges yet,
 we will do that when we have finished the rest of the roof

We have also made a little boarder at the side of our front garden to separate us from the road. We wove it through with Willow and Hazel hardwood cuttings so they will sprout and finally make a living hedge. And we are pleased to say that we have little buds appearing on it now. 

The boarder that we raised behind the grass and in-front of the hedge to create a barrier against water coming in from the Lavoir when we get heavy rain is starting to grow and develop nicely and the grass seed is also taking and starting to come up, so slowly and surely we are starting to look like a proper garden :)