Monday, 23 June 2014

Tempus fugit, where have the last months gone?

Firstly I should apologise for this update taking so long. We have had a really busy time of late.

Since I last wrote we have has 3 sets of visitors, done lost of work on the house and garden and been to a wedding. Also very very sadly we  lost our little boy (dog) when his strength to fight the cancer gave out on him. 

So starting with Fidget, then going onto happier times.

Fidget was 14 1/2 years old and had been suffering from a fast growing cancer for which he was receiving treatment. We took advice from the vet  and she said that he couldn't get any better. Sadly as hard as he tried he couldn't fight it any more, and after he stopped eating and drinking we had to take the difficult decision to have him put to sleep.  For him it was the right thing to do and stopped him being in pain, for us it was the hardest thing to do and caused us serious pain. But he will always be in our minds and hearts. That's all I will say about this.  RIP Fidget. 

Happier thoughts :)

In the last 2 months we have had our daughter and her partner, old friends from the island and Dave's mum and step dad come and visit us. In a way it's really good as it makes us move our butts to try and be looking good, and present this old house in it's best light.  The mad pre visitor clean up is always time consuming but afterwards you look at the place and think wow we have come far since those early days. 

The lounge has changed a bit

But so has the land.

 One of the places that we ate out (a real luxury for us) was Le Mangoustan at Mervent. Mervent is a lovely little town with a huge river system running through it, and surrounded by a huge forest and many cycle ways and paths. I know lots of people have found this restaurant before, we don't usually eat out due always having something else (normally bits for renovation) to spend our money on, so we have only just been there it. Its a great little place by the river and does really good food that's not too posh or pricey. If you are in the area check it out 

However it wasn't all fun and frivolity. Dave had to spend a mucky afternoon under the car changing the cam belt and water pump. Bill helped as he had the know how and tools and Dave did the mucky back breaking bit. But phew its finally done, we had quotes locally of about €550 and doing it this way just cost the cost of the parts, saving us €450!! Which is good because the extra cost would of made a exceptionally bad few of months for us.

Then to cap off all this busyness we were invited to the wedding of some dear friends of ours. The day was great and we all had a great time. Brenda (the bride) looked amazing and luckily the weather held for them. There was a lovely mix of French and English and I managed to have some good conversations and meet some new French friends.  Our friends put on a great spread and had a huge tent (there were about 130 people there) with a solid floor so after the meal we could all get up dancing. And yes to those who know me, I don't normally get up and dance but I seem to of found my dancing feet again and danced for hours. Dave's boss did a turn on his accordion and got everyone up dancing before the dj took over. 

So that caps off most of our latest frivolity, the next blog will update all the renovations and more of our usual day to day stuff. 

à bientôt