Friday, 28 March 2014

March musings part 1

We have been quite busy since the last tumbling of words onto this said blog.  We have been busy with small things but the rain we have had for the early part of this year has slowed work down a bit, not to mention not having any money spare for any big jobs.

2 years ago there was a fire in the house next to our Mairie (town hall) which caused the Mairie lots of damage as well and it has been closed ever since. However 2 weeks ago we had the grand opening, our major has always been very supportive of us so we made sure we were there to show our support. It was raining madly but lots of people turned up, we listened to all the speeches and did the grand tour. There must of been a hundred people there and representatives from the local community, the prefecture and departmental government. They all gave speeches. Dave and I were the only British people there for all this and did draw a few stares from people who don't know us, but I'm glad we went to show our support. After the official stuff there were drinks in the salle de fetes, we did see a couple of English there for that though :)

Also I have been to a new place and interviewed a British lady who lives here in France and is a author. The interview was for The Good Life France online magazine and it was just something I did to help out. The interview took place in Thouars which is a beautiful historical town about a hour away from us, click here For more info on Thouars Alison Morton writes some really interesting books about a alternate history with the Roman empire not ending and with women as the main characters. It is a completely new idea and I look forward to reading it immensely

We  have been continuing to raise the level of the land around the house to mitigate against flooding in winter, and after about 100 wheelbarrows of soil we have finished one side. Yes only 1 side :( But the land is now level and about 16"s higher than before. Its all grass seeded and fenced off to keep (in theory) the chickens off it. The chooks are fenced off so they stay in the field and can't venture down by the front garden. But I have some escape artists who find a gap in the hedge, cross to the Lavoir and then over the granite boulder into the garden.  I can't be cross with them when they have tried so hard to come over the front and see us.

This land on the right by the house used to be all hills and mounds and is now level :)

Doesn't look like 100 ish barrows of soil does it?
We also have the other side of the  garden to do and that will take a few tonnes of soil. We have  been promised some soil from a neighbour but need to wait until summer when the land is dry to be able to get it. By this winter we hope to have raised the front garden to higher than the road with shutter boarding backed by soil on the Lavoir side to stop water coming in our garden during heavy rain. Fingers crossed all this work pays off.