Thursday, 26 December 2013

Trains, planes, the underground and auto mobiles.

Ok, I know its been a while since I wrote this blog. We have been busy with with lots of little things trying to pull everything together before winter. The roof is finally finished (well all the tiles anyway) It has been totally treated, re wooded, membraned and tiles with sous plats and tige de bottes (under and upper tiles) put on. We are finally for the first time in many many years water tight (hooray!!!) 

We have also been back to the UK to visit friends and family before Christmas. A right palaver that is. We went back without a vehicle as it was much cheaper to fly. So to get from France to east London, we needed trains, planes and auto-mobiles! Car from home to the airport, then plane to the UK, coach from Stansted to Stratford London then the underground to our daughters home. Luckily her boyfriend came and meet us at Stratford otherwise I think if left to our own country bumpkin ways on the underground we would of ended up in Edinburgh! The underground is such a maze if you hardly use it and I'm sure we would of gotten lost. But all in all we got to where we needed to be and where much happier when we stopped moving. 

The next day was rather busy and we managed to fit in 4 markets in one day. Borough Market was lovely with lots of tempting lovely treats to buy, but as we where flying back we couldn't take advantage of buying anything. We also went to the German market and a pop up street market for Christmas. 

The Drunk Cheese company was fun, cheeses soaked in alcohol.

We also took a brief trip to see friends and family on the Island. The trip from London to the island was nearly as long as the trip from France to the UK mad eh.
It was lovely catching up with everyone and after a day on the island we went back to London. We spent some time doing some of the basics such as a walk along the Thames, seeing Shakespeare's globe, checking out old London's skyline. But I think Dave's highlights were the visits to the music shops. Berwick street had loads of shops and Dave had great fun checking them all out. He could of spent a fortune if left alone for 5 minutes.

Soon our time in the UK came to a end and it was time to go home. To get back we had to take the underground to the coach station, a coach to the airport, a flight home then pick up the van at the airport for the 1.5 hour drive home. It made it a long day and we where pleased when we got back in La Belle France.  After we got back we had 4 days before the kids came here to visit us so busy busy busy.......