Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Tuiles, tiles and NOT toppling off.

This last month has gone by in a flash.I swear it was June just five minutes ago. Since our last post we have been very busy, we have been starting up on the roof again and also had a old school friend and her family came to visit for a few days. The hedges  grass have been growing as if on Miracle Grow and I seem to be constantly attached to either shears or a lawnmower. 

As far as the roof goes after we peeled off the old tiles from the edge we found that the wall was missing a few stones and was in rather a degraded condition. I certainly wouldn't of felt safe climbing on that edge to access the roof. So the first job was to take off all the loose stone and clean out any loose material. The walls in this area are made up of lumps of granite with the occasional stones and bricks thrown in and all fitted together 
with lime mortar. 

So one of the first jobs was to fill the wall back in and concrete over the top. Honestly if you can do a jigsaw or bake and ice a cake you can do concreting. Putting the wall together, is just like doing a jigsaw, turning and twisting the bricks until they fill gaps and look quite straight.  Making up the concrete mix reminded me of baking a cake, you have to get the powder to water mix just right or it won't set it smooth properly and getting it level is a bit like icing a cake. 

After this interesting and dare I say fun job the next thing wa to strip off all the old tiles and see what we have underneath.. I must add that it's always best to keep the roof swept and dust free as much as possible when up on the roof as it's like walking on ice if there is dust underfoot, it's very slippy. We found lots of old snake skins under the roof tiles (tuiles), luckily i'm not scared of snakes so won't be upset if we uncover one while I'm working.

Any broken, cracked or old tiles then get thrown to the floor and are great for making pathways with when smashed up small or for ballast under a concrete floor.  All the beams on the roof are ok and we just treated them with a strong 5 point treatment. ANTI MOSS, anti fungi, anti insect treatment, preventative. and curative or interior and exterior There was no point taking the old chestnut lathe up as it would just make a mess so we just treated it and put new volige (roofing timber) on top. 

Me concreting the top edge where the wall of the roof meets the wall of the barn (on my left- thats a whole other HUGE job)

It's rather hard work doing this job and I have got lots of bruises and grazes to show for it, and poor Dave has to help me after work. However it's great to know we are saving loads of money and we also have a really good understanding of exactly how our house is built , which we wouldn't have if we had contractors to do the job.  This ott DIY is mad but excellent fun and I wouldn't change it for the world.

In other parts of life we have had old friends over to stay for a few days. Tina is a school friend of mine that is doing a months trip through France with her hubby and 3 of her kids in a lovely motorhome. They stopped here for a few days and it was lovely to see them. We did a bit of sight seeing and lots of drinking and eating of local delicacies. Its always  nice when someone comes to visit and we can pretend to be tourists for a bit and show people around. We live in such a huge country there will always be something new to see and do. Can't beat that eh.