Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Impôts, oeufs and all things wildife

Ok folks what has been happening in sunny France this week then?

We have had a really busy time lately. A friend Roz and I went together to the local Impôts office to see if we could get registered for tax. We went together as we both needed to get ourselves and our better half's registered. We took along the normal ubiquitous paperwork of the birth, marriage certificates and  passports etc and waited in turn to see if we could get through the dreaded interview. In actuality it didn't turn out too bad. After a long wait the lady was very patient and spoke slowly enough for us poor English to comprehend.  So we now both have our paperwork and just need to get it sorted out quickly as the deadline is the end of May.  The tax system here is based on everyone filling in a tax return not just people that are self employed and the tax year is calendar based not like the UK April 5th- April 4th system. More information can be found here: or 

Gabby guinea fowl has finally been re-homed after our friends came to get her to add to their flock. It's a pity she had to go but she didn't fit in with our girls and boy was she noisy. However the girls are doing a grand job and have been laying lots of lovely scrummy eggs for us. We are averaging 8 or 9 a day so loads for the neighbours as well.


While taking Fidget for a walk the other day I was so pleased to see the start of spring and all the wildlife and flowers that are out at the moment. We came across an adder that was                        sunbathing on a hot rock, and yes it was definitely adder, the colours are un-mistakable as is the width and size compared to a grass snake. On the same walk i also saw a orange tip butterfly's a Gatekeeper butterfly and a small blue. the frogs were singing, orchids are out as are bluebells and cowslips. All in all it was a lovely walk. really makes you appreciate the fact that the awful winter is now hopefully behind us. 

Dave had a bit if a scare the other day, he came from work and told me that he was starting a training course on driving a cherry picker the next day. No chance to do a bit of research before starting it then. The whole course would be in French and have a written exam at the end of the training. There was 2 days of training then a written and driven exam.To give you a idea of what the vehicle was like this is a photo of one.

He said it was really scary and the test was hard, it needed 72% as a pass rate and we are waiting to get the results back. Hopefully all 
As far a the electrics are concerned Freddie is submitting the paperwork this week so in about 2-3 weeks we should all be done and sorted out. 

We where also madly preparing for the arrival of our friends Trev and Jo from the UK, this meant lots of grass cutting, cleaning, tidying and generally trying to get the place a lot more reasonable and turn our new ensuite (that is at the mo just a room) into a bedroom.So next blog will be filled with lots of photos of us being lazy and pretending to be tourists, as Dave has 12 days off work :) first time since he has been here that he has had that long.